We started in 2019 as a hat company and have grown over the last 5 years into hats, T-shirts and leather goods.

We are a husband and wife team, and are passionate and take pride into every single thing we do, we design our own designs and we also design, cut and hand stitch every single leather product we make. We do not hire designers or put our name on wholesale leather products.

Ridge and Holler is more than just a name, it‘s our testimony and how God created the landscape of Kentucky. We have experienced many different seasons during our lives, some good and some bad. The “good” times would be the highs of life, or what we consider to be the Ridges. The “bad” times would be the lows of life, or the Hollers. Through the years we have learned that regardless of the season God was still greater. God is greater than any high(Ridge) or Low(Holler) that any of us will walk through on this earth.

Ridge and Holler is also the geographic landscape of our home in Kentucky, this beautiful state is full of Ridges and Hollers. Your either in one or the other just like life, both elevation levels are beautiful and enriching to our spirit and creativity’s.